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PEEK, Architecture & Interior Design
During my time at PEEK Architecture & Design Studio I established a great amount of trust and autonomy, while being managed by Georgina Turvey.

I worked on projects of different scales, predominantly an office to residental conversion in Chertsey. I also did significant work on planning applications. 

Soho, UK

14.09.21 - 01.10.22

University of Westminster, 3rd Year
My first project inspired by a combination of the 1960 phenomona of the moon landing & Woodstock festival. ‘The Hamlet’ saw three local artists find a way to live sustainably and affordably off the grid in central London (seemingly as difficult as in outer space). My final project ‘The Village’ saw the artists’ semi-self built structures grow into, and out of their car-park in Southwark. These cob & timber structures slowly absorbed any under-utilized private ‘lost space’ in the city. Providing residents with housing, food, electricity & waste management. 

The Hamlet, Southwark
The Village, Southwark

Jane Tankard
Thomas Grove


Mirrors, Materiality & Raum; A Study of Materialities effect of pre-modernism

University of Westminster, 1st & 2nd Year
My first & second years of my undergraduate were where I developed my passion for placemaking & using experimental materiality. As well as developing sustainable and off grid projects.

I had excellent tutors in Camilla Wilkinson & Chris Bryant in my 2nd year who helped me develop my projects more holistically and conceptually.

Notable Projects:
The Dales, Temple
Barking Wood, Barking Riverside
The Soup Garden, Brighton

Camilla Wilkinson
Chris Bryant
Richa Mukiha

Other Work Experience
My time at Benevides was my first experience of working in the built environment and was very rewarding, working on several projects, and seeing a good combination of autonomy & supervision. 

During my time at POZZONI I worked on a master-plan in West Horndon, London. Predominantly working on the landscaping and visualisations.

I have done some freelance work, including designing the concept stage for an off-grid, destination gin distillery. I also worked with a carpenter to design a tiny house.

Self Employed (Freelance), Remote
David Benevides & Partners, Bermuda


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