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I am a recent MASc graduate of Interdisiplinary Practice at LIS. Before this, I worked in Architecture, Interiors & Curation which I did after completing my BA in Architecture from the University of Westminster. 

I am currently working in climate resilience, aiming to reduce the impacts of resource scarcity, over-urbanisation & displacement brought about or worsened by climate change. I am particuarly interested in of nature based & bio-regional approaches.

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MASC in Interdisciplinary Practice,
London Interdisciplinary School

BA in Architecture,
University of Westminster

Work Experience:
Architecutral & Interior Designer _ PEEK
Founder _ Totum Studio
Architecutral Designer _ Pozzoni

You can also find me on:

Final Masters Project
In my final project at LIS I designed a tool to communicate the complexity of climate migration, to democratise discourse around the subject and to reduce or mitigate the effect climate change has on forced displacement. 

It does this through communicating & helping people discover and develop holistic strategies to effectively tackle the systems of and leading to forced climate displacement.

80% (distinction)
01.05.23 - 20.08.23


Recent Written Pieces
I have written on a range of topics, I have attached links to a few of the more recent pieces on this page. With more on my Research & Writing Page.

The essays have looked at a range of topics, I am interested by combining theories with practical outcomes.
Links to Projects:
Link to Climate Migration & Kelp
Link to Use of Relevance Theory & Theory of Mind as a Method of Cooperation in Richard Mosse’s ‘BrokenSpectre’
Link to Kelp, Complexity & Climate Change

Diagram made for Kelp & Climate Migration
Image from Kelp & Complexity
Diagram made for Kelp & Complexity


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